Here the places are listed where PRTools and related packages can be obtained. Please note that PRTools is written in Matlab. It is thereby necessary that the Matlab package is obtained and installed.

  • PRTools is regularly upgraded. We distribute the most recent version and two older versions. They are based on different Matlab p-codes as it was changed in release R2007b, MATLAB 7.5.
  • perClass, a commercial package (with free and trial versions) for advanced data visualization, classifier performance optimization and the design of embedded classifiers, designed and distributed by PR SysDesign.
  • Hypertools, a toolbox for hyperspectral imaging developed by PRLab of Delft University Pavel Paclik and Sergey Verzakov between 2002 and 2006. It can be obtained through perClass [website]
  • dd_tools for studying one-class classifiers, developed and distributed by Dr. David Tax.
  • mil_tools for multiple instance learning, under development by Dr. David Tax.
  • We are preparing more PRTools based toolboxes like DisTools for dissimilarity based pattern recognition and ClusterTools, a basic set of off-the-shelf  procedures for comparative studies in cluster analyses. They will be distributed through distributed by 37Steps.