A good introduction for the starting user is the PRTools4.1 manual. Also the book “Classification, Parameter Estimation and State estimation” has many example scripts using PRTools. There is also an e-book “Pattern Recognition: Introduction and Terminology“, referring to on-line PRTools examples.

The authors are developing a new website, 37Steps, with more information on the toolbox and pattern recognition. It contains a Glossary, a Frequently Asked Questions section, and a blog. There is an extensive user guide with many examples. Also the toolbox itself contains several example scripts. If you still have a question, please send a message.

  • The PRTools4.1 manual (pdf)
  • Unfinished technical manual (html)
  • Classification, Parameter Estimation and State estimation
  • Pattern Recognition: Introduction and Terminology
  • 37Steps
  • Glossary
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • PR blog