PRTools Updates

January 25, 2012

  • Version 4.2.4, bug fixes and beautifications
  • redesing of batch processing of mappings (setbatch command)
  • full set of dyadic operations for datasets, datafiles and mappings
  • out2: mapping finding the second output parameter of other mappings
  • internal names of classifiers upgraded

There is a post discussing on all recent updates

November 26, 2012

  • Version 4.2.3, just minor bugs fixes and beautifications
  • PRTools is now distributed by 37 Steps

September 15, 2012

  • Version 4.2.2
  • New classifier: dtc, Verzakov Tree -Decision Tree Classifier
  • New classifier: randomforestc, Breiman’s Random Forest
  • Programming tools added enabling a more simple definition of mappings and classifiers: setdefaults, mapping_task, trained_mapping, trained_classifier. For an example see randomforestc
  • Routine added for changing PRTools global variables: prglobal
  • Handling of doubles in mappings: where possible mappings will accept arrays of doubles instead of datasets without internal conversion to a dataset. In such cases outputs will be an array of doubles as well
  • New routine for class selection: selclass. This routine is especially useful for multi-labeled data as it may select a class defined by another label list than the actual one. For such usage it is much more user friendly than seldat

September 3, 2011

  • version 4.2.1, this version is identical to 4.2.0, except that p-codes are generated by Matlab 7.11 instead of Matlab 6.5.
    Please inform us when old p-codes are still needed.

August 26, 2011

  • version 4.2.0 (wrong Contents file, later corrected)
  • better, extended, soft label implementation
  • ‘bag of objects’ classification (bagc)
  • some missing value handling (misval)
  • standard PRTools datasets are downloaded when needed (prdatasets)
  • standard PRTools datafiles are downloaded when needed (prdatafiles)
  • minor changes and bug fixes

December 12, 2010

  • version 4.1.12
  • many minor bugs are solved

June 25, 2010

  • version 4.1.10
  • option for density preserving data splitting added to crossval, thanks to Budka and Gabrys
  • new classifier drbmc: Discriminative Restricted Boltzmann Machine, thanks to Laurens van der Maaten
  • small changes in traincc and wvotec

June 1, 2010

  • version 4.1.9
  • bug in wvotec fixed
  • libsvc and nulibsvc added (expects libsvm package)

May 3, 2010

  • bug in indexing datasets fixed

April 2010

  • vpc, voting perceprton classifier implemented by Laurens van der Maaten.
  • prarff, import of WEKA ARFF files available.

March 2010

  • communication with users improved by the command prtools, generating a web interface.

February 2010

  • prwaitbar usage simplified by implementation of prwaitbarinit, prwaitbaronce and prwaitbarnext

July 2009

  • featselv implemented

March 2009

  • dcsc (dynamic classifier selection) and modelsc added as combining classifiers.

January 2009

  • naivebcc and mlrc: new trainable combiners implemented by Chunxia Zhang.
  • loso, leave-one-set out crossvalidation implemented.
  • testc now accepts missing classes in case of undefined (empty) priors.
  • im_patch for generation of image patches implemented in datafiles
  • band2obj and bandsel for handling image bands implemented in datafiles
  • 1-d images (time signals) are now accepted for datafiles, patches and bands

August 2008

  • im_dbr constructed: GUI to illustrate PRTools usage for image database retrieval.

July 2008

  • prwaitbar implemented and included in many routines.
  • ident field in dataset reorganised to avoid overhead.
  • createdatafile implemented to support saving partially constructed datafiles.

June 2008

  • adaboostc added

August 2007

  • A set of regression routines added by David Tax: linearr, ridger, lassor, svmr, ksmoothr, knnr, pinvr, plsr, plsm, testr, rsquared

June 2007

  • performance measures for testc extended.
  • automatic parameter optimisation implemented for many routines by regoptc.
  • rbsvc, automatic radial basis support  vector classifier, implemented.
  • rsscc, random subspace combining classifier implemented.

May 2007

  • naivebc extended: allows now also densitites estimated by parzenm and gaussm.
  • soft output nmc improved: now based and spherical Gaussian densities.
  • many image preprocessing routines implemented for datafiles, e.g. im_bdilation, im_gaussf,im_minf,im_skel, im_berosion, im_gray,im_moments, im_skel_meas, im_box,im_harris,im_norm,im_stat, im_bpropagation, im_hist_equalize, im_stretch, im_center, im_invert, im_profile, im_threshold, im_label, im_resize, im_unif, im_fft,im_maxf, im_rotate, im_fill_norm, im_mean, im_scale, im_gauss, im_measure, im_select_blob.

April 2007

  • normal_map (used in ldc,qdc,udc) now stores inverted covariances: slower training, faster execution.
  • gaussm and mogc improved: increased stability by adding noise, more trials, better regularisation.

March 2007

  • Datafiles ready for usuage. Consequence is that as feature sizes of datafiles cannot be set appropriately, also mappings should allow for unset feature size (featsize = 0). Still much debugging to be done.

December 2006

  • PRMEMORY, PRTRACE, GRIDSIZE, etc are made persistent instead of global
  • plotr renamed into plote.
  • general kernel option implemented for svc and nusvc

November 2006

  • testauc (area under the curve) added.
  • testc upgraded.

September 2006

  • implementation of the multiple labeling, see multi-labeling.
  • structure implementation for user and ident field of dataset.

March 2006

  • intial implementation of the datafile class.

October 2005

  • combining superfluous prwarning calls.
  • bhatm, Bhattacharryya feature reduction implemented

April 2005

  • labcmp added, useful for comparing label sets.

January 2005

  • change of policy for prwarning levels: by default just print level 1 warnings.
  • upgrade warning level for use of class frequencies in case of empty priors.

December 2004

  • parzendc, parzen_map, nmc, allowing soft labels
  • plotr (later plote), allow cells of error structures

October 2004

  • nusvc_nu added

September 2004

  • gaussm and emclust: get right number of components
  • gaussm and emclust: improved soft label handling
  • plotr (later plote): mulitple error curves implemented
  • scalem, variance option corrected

August 2004

  • output of confmat and testc upgraded by disperror.
  • proxm extended.

June 2004

  • fdsc, feature based dissimilarity space classifier implemented.

May 2004

  • ploto, one-dimensional plot of features, added.
  • immoments, conversion of object images to moments, added.
  • crossvalidation in feature selection routines implemented.